Implement SMART diet and exercise goals

Apart from getting the transformation inspiration and motivation to stay on your diet plan to lose weight, you will need to make sure they work too. I recommended carb cycling technique ( for people who are serious in cutting their weight. This weight loss technique works for most people. However, in the event if you are not seeing results, you should switch diet plans. A lot of people are not seeing results because they have been following a diet plan which is not suitable for them. Do not follow diet plans blindly. You will end up wasting a lot of your time and effort.

How to know if the diet plan that you have been following is not working out for you?

No matter what diet plans you are adopting, you will need to have some progress management or goals to keep track of the results. If you see no positive results for a month, it is a good indication for you to change your diet plan. I will highly recommend implementing the concept of SMART goals to monitor the effectiveness of your diet plan.

SMART refers to specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Firstly, you should set a goal which is specific. A general goal would be to get into shape or lose weight. A specific goal would be to lose 2 kilograms in 2 weeks.

Secondly, you should set a goal which is measurable. Include the quantity and time frame into the equation. Reusing the above example, losing 2 kilograms in 2 weeks are measurable goals as the amount of weight loss and time frame are clearly defined.

Thirdly, you should set a goal which is attainable and realistic. Being attainable and realistic means that the goal will be achievable if you put in adequate efforts into it. If you set too high a goal that is unrealistic, you will end up hurting your own morale.

Lastly, you should also give your goals time frames. What are the end results you want to see in 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, and so on.

When implementing SMART goals, it is good to also set multiple small goals in between so that you can monitor your results at smaller and quicker intervals. This will allow you to make changes to your diet plans faster as necessary.

With SMART goals, you will be able to achieve your desired fat loss transformation and get into top bikini shape. In addition, you would also be able to lose the belly fat you hate so much!

Bikini Competition Transformation Inspiration

I know a big part of successfully being able to train for and get into great shape to win a bikini competition has to do with motivation. The number one reason why many women fail is not because of their training techniques or bikini competition dieting plan, but it is because of lack of focus and determination.

However, it is not easy to believe in yourself when you don’t see the results immediately. Therefore, always watch motivational videos of women who have successfully changed their entire bodies and get into bikini competition shape. I would recommend indulging yourself in such motivational stories and videos to keep yourself determined – otherwise you might find yourself slipping into doubts.

Watch and rewatch these videos everyday as each of them will not only be able to motivate you, but also be able to educate you. This is because when it comes to most of these motivational videos of bikini competition winners, most of them also talk about their training techniques and dieting plans. Therefore, you would not only feel motivated after watching their videos, but also feel enlightened and know how to improve your body further and faster than your competitors.

It is important to constantly stay inspired and motivated. Even bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzennegger said he forced himself to watch motivational clips and audio clips every single day. It is important to stay inspired so that you never ever give up on your dreams and goals of winning your first bikini competition… then second, third and fourth competitions.

Never mix around with haters… for they have nothing better to do with their own lives and thus they hate you. Just focus on mixing around with the do-ers and high end achievers in your life and you would soon finding yourself very easily motivated to win at your bikini competition daily!

Figure out your macros

In any comprehensive weight loss program, there will always exist two components – diet plan and exercise plan. Diet plan is there to ensure that you consume enough nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy while keeping your calories intake low. Exercise plan is there to ensure you consistently burn away your fats and calories in order to slim down. These two components need to work hand in hand seamlessly in order to make you lose weight.

There is a fundamental wisdom needed to support this whole system of weight loss program and logic. In fact, the formulation of diet plan and exercise plan depend on this fundamental wisdom. It is to figure out your macros. Macros refer to the 3 major nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You will need to figure out how much macros that you should consume each day. With that knowledge, you will be able to plan your meals. You can make mix and match any food into your meals as long as the total macros you consume at the end of the day equates the total macros in your plan.

When you have calculated the total macros to eat each day, you can also calculate the amount of calories that you will be consuming each day. This is a vital piece of information. With this information, the next step is to make sure that your exercise plan and your daily activities such as breathing, walking and resting will burn more calories than what you will consume. This way, you will be losing weight. However, the hard part is figuring out the amount of calories that your body will burn to sustain your daily activities. This relates a lot to your individual metabolism rate. The exact method to calculate that is quite tedious so I will leave it to next article to talk more about it. Alternatively, you can find articles on ways to calculate your metabolism online.

Carb cycling technique to lose weight

For those eager to discover diet and exercise programs to prepare yourself for the upcoming bikini competition, chances are you desperately wants to know how to lose weight. You have not achieved your ideal slim body shape yet. You need help. The first and foremost thing to do during any training preparation for bikini or beauty competition is to lose weight and cut down on your body fats. Carb cycling is a good technique to help you do just that.

There are a lot of netizens endorsing carb cycling for weight loss. Carb cycling is a technique that works.

In essence, carb cycling is a diet routine that alternates between high carbs intake and low carbs intake everyday. This may seem weird to you at first look as you may think that a low carbs intake everyday should be the ideal methodology. You will want to avoid carbs intake simply because any excess carbs will be converted to fats in the body and you want to avoid that! Well, there are no rights and wrongs here. There are many other diet plans that advocate low carbs intake daily during a period of weight cutting. If you look into the concept of carbs cycling deeper, you will realize its true intention and reason for the high carbs intake.

The truth is, this carb cycling process is closely synchronized to your exercise plan. Normally, people practice high intensity exercises on alternate days. It is during these days that you consume higher carbs. The carbs intake will need to be before your exercises to provide you with the extra fuel you need for the exercise. With the higher fuel, you will be able to push your body to carry out those high intensity exercises. Eventually, you will burn off these carbs that you consumed and condition your body to be stronger physically. This improves your metabolism. If your natural metabolism rate increases daily, your calories burn rate will increase daily too. Hence, the overall effect will be a higher calories burn rate and a slimmer body over time!

Top 4 Bikini Competition Training Tips

Here are some of the best bikini competition training tips I have for you as learnt and shared with during a discussion that I had with him in Manhattan recently.

1. Always incorporate progressive overload into your exercise routine. Regardless whether you are trying to gain more muscle mass or lose more fat mass, you definitely need to make use of progressive overload for your exercises. For instance, if you’re trying to build muscle mass on your back, then you definitely need to either keep increasing the amounts of weight you use or you need to do more pull ups each and every single exercise session. This is absolutely crucial. If you’re performing cardiovascular exercises to burn fats, then you need to increase the intensity of length of the exercises.

2. Always switch up your exercises every 2 months. This is because your body gets used to those exercises and movements, and you can only extend the intensity of the exercises so much before you reach a point of diminishing return. Hence, you would then need to greatly extend the length of your exercises before you can see any real results in your body when preparing for your bikini competition. Hence, I would highly recommend that you go for different exercises so that your body will not be used to the motion. (For e.g., if you are always used to only barbell curls for your biceps, then try some pulls or chin ups.).

3. Don’t focus on the full exercise as so many people who don’t understand exercising for bikini competitions like to preach. Instead, focus on your muscles actually working out during the exercise. This is because your body will naturally tend to use momentum or other body parts to help along with a particular exercise movement. However, this will result in a lackluster improvement in results for the particular body part you’re trying to train. Always focus on feeling the muscle you want to train actually working out the most. Focus exclusively on that. When you are able to make this muscle-mind connection easily over time, you would find working out really really simple.

4. Either get a personal trainer to teach you, or learn from people who have similar body type as you to coach you from experience. This is because women with different body types would react very differently to different exercises. Some women would react very well to cardiovascular exercises and need far less weight lifting exercises to get into bikini competition shape whereas others need a lot of lifting and little to no cardio exercises.

Diet plan for bikini competition

If you are seriously thinking of entering the bikini competition, then you will have to be completely focused and get your act together! Know the reasons why you are entering the bikini competition and constantly remind yourself of them. The preparation for bikini competition is not easy. You will need to be motivated all the time in order to stick through the strict preparation phase! Perseverance is an important factor in determining whether you will be able to succeed in achieving the top 3 spots in the bikini competition! The other factor includes knowing your stuff well and working smart in your preparation phase.

So how do you prepare for a bikini competition? There are a lot of factors that need to be done well in this preparation phase, such as diet plan, exercise regime, regular sleeping habits, ability to handle stress, and etc. Only by conquering all these factors will you be able to achieve the perfect body you want to achieve to show off during the bikini competition. I shall focus on the diet plan in this post.

When it comes to diet plans, many females simply go for short-cuts. As their main objectives are to lose weight, they simply drastically reduced their food intake for months before the bikini competition. To them, it seemed like an obvious and straight-forward method to lose weight. I highly discourage people from doing so. By heavily restricting your food intake, you are messing up your body routines. It is actually unhealthy to do so. The lack of the right nutrition to sustain your body can actually result in lower immune system and a less appealing body. Slim bodies can be either appealing or unattractive. I’m sure you will want the former result. The proper way towards a slim body is to follow a strict and good bikini competition diet plan.

If you follow a routine diet plan that is able to give your body the adequate amount of calories and vitamins to sustain your daily activities and improves your immune system, with constant exercise, you will be able to lose weight gradually towards a healthy-looking slim body. A slim body with some lean muscles is more preferred by most people to a slim and bony body caused by malnutrition. So, get your act together and through careful research online, you can find yourself a good diet plan for bikini competition.

Best Bikini Competition Coaches In USA

Here is a short but powerful list of the most effective bikini competition personal trainers ever in the United States. Clearly, I, John Lyons, is one of the best, but I’m not the only one and hence here I am sharing with you several other good coaches who can help you out as well. I specialize in offline coaching at my gym / studio in downtown California, and I do not really offer any online courses (just some online tips I intend to be sharing on this blog) so the following are among some of the best you can learn from.

For example, Jeff Kuh from Wet Wolf Training has a great program for women who are joining bikini competitions because he has trained a LOT of women online in getting into bikini shape. What makes his program (Wet Wolf Training) so special is because he takes a no bullshit approach to coaching the women who are on his course / program. There are many personal coaches out there who are far less ethical, and teach a whole lot of crap which does very little to improve a woman’s body in terms of competing and winning bikini competitions. You need to understand that the Pareto principle is more true than you think it may be. 20% of the efforts really get 80% of the results – hence you want to ensure that you complete these 20% FIRST, before concentrating on others. Too many other personal coaches are just ripping each others’ tips off and telling their students about the other 80% of methods. No, just focus on 20% of the efforts and you would see 80% of the changes in your body necessary to win your bikini competition.

Another great place to learn from online is actually Next Level. They have been around since year 2010 / 2011. They have an impressive list of bikini competition winners as seen on their testimonial pages. I would say that the women look really great and there is absolutely no questions that Next Level’s student would have won the competition. No fight at all.